Norrsken Mind is a non-profit organization that supports research on psychedelic substances and their potential to treat mental health conditions. We are convinced that supporting high-quality research is key to drive the development of safe, more effective and patient-centered treatments.

About Norrsken Mind

Promoting research & education in the field of psychedelic science

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What we do

We support research, education and engagement on psychedelic science and mental health. We aim to facilitate the development and implementation of safe, effective and patient-centered treatments.


Raising funds for psychedelic science 

We actively raise funds for research. We have currently raised SEK 36 million and seek to raise more over the coming years. Read more about how you can contribute and support our work here.

Grant funding

Grant opportunities for research and education

We provide grant opportunities to advance the field of psychedelic science in Europe. Previous research funded by Norrsken Mind has focused on improving the scientific understanding of psychedelics and facilitating the development of new mental health treatments.

Education & Implementation

Informing the public and mental health stakeholders

We support educational efforts to inform the public and mental health stakeholders about the current research on psychedelic-assisted treatments.


Facilitating cross-European collaborations

By fostering partnerships and actively working to promote collaboration across Europe, we can accelerate scientific progress.

Grants & funding

Do you have a project in need of funding?

Norrsken Mind has funded multiple research studies and projects, and we intend to fund many more. We are also funding efforts aimed at education and supporting the implementation of safe, effective and patient-centered treatments. Do you need funding for a project related to psychedelic science?

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Psychedelic Science

The resurgence of psychedelic science

The twenty-first century has seen a revival of psychedelic research, largely funded by philanthropy and driven by researchers at universities such as Johns Hopkins University and Imperial College London. This research has demonstrated the potential of psychedelic-assisted therapies in treating mental health conditions. However, more research is needed to understand if, how, and for whom these treatments may work.

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“Research on psychedelic-assisted treatments is one of the most promising lines of research in the field of psychiatry right now. With the right funding and conditions in place, we can accelerate psychedelic science and help researchers investigate more effective treatment options for patients in need.”

Emma Christersson
Managing Director, Norrsken Mind

Donations & philanthropy

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Norrsken Mind is dependent on more funding to continue supporting research and promoting a better understanding of psychedelics.

We rely on donations made by philanthropists and organisations. Do you want to support our work?  

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